Blog 2

1. Black button is a short film about temptation . Where a guy has the choice to push a black button where it would kill one person in the world and will walk away with 10,000000 dollars or has the choice to walk away with nothing.

2.  I myself actually in joyed the short film and wish it was longer, the acting was not that bad but at the same time was not all that great, on the other hand tho, the story line was really good and has a good life lesion to it.

3.  The guy was tempted to push the button and he was taking to long to make a choice so the guy that was tempting him told him he now only has 30 seconds to think and the guy pushed the button what looked like without really thinking.

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Story Structure Worksheet


Author’s Name:  Guy Nattiv, Erez Tadmor 


Main Character’s Name:  Guy Eliayahoo, Ooky Etinger, 


Main Conflict/Problem: A Pakistani was on the subway and a bunch of guys that looked like they were skinheads didn’t take to kindly of him because of where he was from, so when the subway stopped him and a complete stranger who knew what was going on rushed off the subway before the “skin heads” could do anything to hurt the guy from Pakistan.





Beginning of the Story


The setting (time and place) of the story is… Israel, Augest 1st 2013


The main character/s involved are…Guy Eliayahoo, Ooky Etinger,


Middle of the Story


The main problem in this story is… the “skin heads” were gonna what looked like harm the guy from Pakistan.


Five key events in this story are:


1. One was Jewish 

2. The other one was from Pakistan

3. They were strangers




End of the Story


The story come to a climax when… They start running off the train and they’re being chased 


The main problem is solved when… They rushed off the subway to safety 

A look back at Web Design

I learned a lot in Com Tech, I learned about HTML coding, how to create a website, the elements of design, I leaned the basics of Photoshop, and how to do proper write ups. The elements of design are line, shape, texture, space, size, value, and color. It is important to have these elements in a design you are doing because it makes the design pop, it catches your audience eye and it makes it look proper.

Planing my website was hard at first but i got the hang of it. I never knew a website took that much work until i made one myself. What you need to know about to know about web design is that it’s not easy, it takes a lot of concentration and a lot of work if you want it to look right and depending on what you are doing.You also do need to know what elements of design are. Since growth comes with problem solving opportunities,three problems that i ran into during the weeks were i couldn’t get the right color for my name on the top left corner on the home page of my website the same color as the text. I fixed it by telling the teacher and she helped me. Another problem that i ran into was that my website wouldn’t publish, it kept saying there was an error, my teacher then again fixed the problem by changing the URL. The third problem hat i ran into was the tables for my links would always go to the center of the page, and not to top or bottom, i fixed the problem by changing the settings so it would go to the bottom or top of the page. Personally, i dont think i would do a bad job at being a web publisher because i have an eye for design, and i like to keep busy, but if i were to become one, my spelling and grammar would need to prove, using my time wisely and  not get distracted would also need to improve.

Blog 10

1. What types of animation are there? Flipbook animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion animation, Clay animation.

2. If you wanted a career in animation, what sort of jobs are there, where, for which companies, and approximately how much money would you make? some type of animation jobs is video game creator,  creating characters  in films or tv shows, writers. You can get a job with disney pixar, a job with video game company’s. animators can make $41,528 per year.

3. What would make for a good animator? In my opinion you would need to have computer knowledge, you would need to have time on your hands, and also you would need to be organized and work well with others .

4. If you wanted to study/train for animation, where in in Canada in general? Toronto and Vancouver

5. As it pertains to Claymation, what material are needed? You’ll need something to actually make your characters out of.   If you are using clay, non-hardening clay will be best to ensure your character can be manipulated.  Toothpicks and paperclips can help you add details within the clay. If you aren’t using clay, pipecleaners, paper cut outs, lego figures, or toys can work for stop motion.

6.  What equipment is required with creating a claymation? A camera, things to make your models out of, backdrop, a computer, a movie maker program on your computer.

7.What is the general storyline of your short claymation? Who are you working with? Describe which props and materials each of you are planning to contribute to make your claymation awesome. the story line is cookie monster eats to much cookies and elmo trys to tell him to stop and he doesnt listen then he blows up then elmo gets mad. Im working with Shelby and Coady. we use clay for our materials and toothpicks to help them stand.

Ball of Light

1. How did Denis Smith become involved in developing the Ball of Light Photography? When he stared just using different things and trying new things with sparklers and it created a neat affect and after that he wanted to try and make them better.

2. What was his story? His is about him being addicted to alcohol and him almost losing his life, so he took up photography to do something else in his time instead of drinking.

3. Why was he searching? He was searching because apart of him felt empty and he was trying to find something that would fill that “empty” feeling, that is why be became an alcoholic because he thought it would gill that feeling

4. How does he describe “change” in nature as impacting his photography (this is pre-Ball of Light)? Describe how the shutter works when taking Light Paintings, or the long exposure part of it as described in the video? He describes change in nature as impacting his photography by saying that there are only certain times of day or night that the ball of light will really turn out good the way he wants it to. The shutter works by catching the background and bringing out the light as the main focus.

5. How does he make the Balls of Light? By waving around different lights when either the moons out or the suns out at the right times.

6. What is their source of light for their creation, and what goes in to the planning for that aspect? Lights on a rope and he swings the rope around

7. What is so special about spheres? The seem to bring a since of strength and power and were surrounded by it, the world.

8. Why cant you see him in the photograph? You cant see him because hes constantly moving around and the camera cant catch him

9. Describe your overall thoughts and impressions about this video and the Balls of Light. I thought the video was inspiring, there are more to life if you keep searching, and never ever give up searching because you will find what you are searching for. 

Seven nations army video



Lines- they were big and bold and they stood out. They kept going between the band members.

shapes- they were upside down Vs


Texture- it looks like smooth texture

Space- there wasn’t a lot of space, it was a little cluttered.


Size- I would say the size wasn’t that big or too small , kinda in between so medium


Value-  The value was dark with colors/ the mood was a kinda depressing because of the dark colors.

colors- the colors were black, white, and red

What is Communication Technology ?

What is Communication Technology? Define (You may choose to add more info based on your research).

Communication Technology is the activity of designing, constructing and maintaining communication systems.

Communication Technology is also social networking such as facebook, myspace, messenger, cellphones, tv, ect ect.

Site as many examples as you can over time from the video.  Be sure to reference the video.

letter, tv, type writer, old camera, video projector, radio, old telephone, record player.

Take 2 image captures to accompany your response (command+shift+4).

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.15.15 AM           Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.15.33 AM